Diversity in the Book World



Big Blend Radio panel discussion focusing on diversity in the writing and publishing world.


On this segment:

Catherine Greenspan and Elizabeth Atkins, the siblings behind Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, where they publish meaningful books by authors of color, women writers and those who celebrate diversity through their stories and characters. While they came from a family of writers, both sisters dedicated their undergraduate and graduate educations to studying the art and craft of writing. Both hold English literature degrees from the University of Michigan. Elizabeth went on to receive a journalism master’s from Columbia University’s prestigious program, while Catherine pursued a master’s in writing from the University of San Francisco. 

– Plus, their mother Judge Marylin Atkins joins the discussion with her memoir “The Triumph of Rosemary: A Memoir” that takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of her life, defying convention, racism and smashing glass ceilings. It’s a raw, awe-inspiring tale of one woman’s unrelenting spirit in the face seemingly insurmountable adversity, the love of a family, and achieving the American Dream. Judge Marylin E. Atkins was appointed six times by the Michigan Supreme Court to run Detroit’s 36th District court. After serving on the court for 21 years, she retired in 2012. Judge Atkins earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saginaw Valley State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit School of Law.

More at www.TwoSistersWriting.com

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