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ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Dr. Alicia Blando discusses her memoir, “Open for Interpretation: A Doctor’s Journey into Astrology.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.


Dr. Alicia Blando learned during the early days of the HIV epidemic that American medical practices fail to holistically support patients. Seeing a gap in medical care, Dr. Blando started seeking advice from unconventional counselors, such as psychics and mediums, as well as learning from indigenous healers. “Open for Interpretation: A Doctor’s Journey into Astrology” (She Writes Press, June 2023) follows Dr. Blando’s self-discovery journey through her astrological chart and demonstrates how readers can apply this ancient practice to their own path to self-discovery.

In conjunction with Western medicine, Dr. Blando believes that the tenets of astrology can support a person’s health, wellbeing, and self-understanding, and can even offer insight into predispositions for certain diseases and illnesses. Dr. Blando takes readers on her pursuit of life’s age-old question, “Am I walking the right path?” She travels from Manhattan to the Peruvian Amazon, Belize, and Bolivia, and learns about time-proven, holistic methods of healing. In her stunning memoir, she shares her story of finally finding the guide she’s been seeking—and explains how we can all use that map to access our higher selves and untapped potential.

In “Open for Interpretation”, Dr. Blando’s expedition off the beaten path leads her to true self-exploration and connection with the world around her, as well as a desire to share her knowledge and experience.

Dr. ALICIA BLANDO trained and practiced in the medical specialty of physical medicine & rehabilitation. While working as a physician, she became interested in how indigenous healers diagnosed and treated their patients without the technology present in modern medicine. This curiosity was supported by what she learned about herself through the study of astrology. As a Western physician who has followed the tenets of astrology in her life, she believes that the practice of astrology can function as an adjunct method to study many aspects of life, including the tendencies for certain disease processes. Dr. Blando works as a medical consultant. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Find out more about them at www.aliciablando.com.

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Dr. ALICIA BLANDO trained and practiced in the medical specialty of physical medicine & rehabilitation.

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