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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Dr. Robert Keith Wallace, co-author of Gut Crisis: How Diet, Probiotics, and Friendly Bacteria Help You Lose Weight and Heal Your Body and Mind.”

Gut Crisis is the ultimate guide to gut health. The overuse of antibiotics and poor food choices are the main factors that cause imbalance in your gut, and eventually lead to a chronic state of inflammation. This book reveals a hidden health crisis taking place around the world and resulting in an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and degenerative brain disorders.


Gut Crisis talks about the most recent and effective treatment programs. It includes practical advice based on what the ancients have known for centuries: by healing your gut through diet, lifestyle, and simple procedures, you can heal your body and mind.


Each chapter is organized in the form of a blog with a Gut Rap Q & A section, which introduces three characters with different points of view: H Bomb, Ms. Natural, and Doc Gut. Gut Crisis clarifies conflicting gut information to help you to make the best possible health choices for you and your loved ones.

It gives answers to questions about your gut:

  • What diseases are caused by gut bacteria?
  • How do gut bacteria affect my cravings and emotions?
  • What are the effects of probiotics?
  • Who are the best gut doctors?
  • What is our individual Gut/Brain Nature?
  • How do we heal our gut?

ROBERT KEITH WALLACE is a pioneering researcher on the physiology of consciousness. His work has inspired hundreds of studies on the benefits of meditation and other mind-body techniques, and his findings have been published in Science, American Journal of Physiology, and Scientific American. After receiving his BS in physics and his PhD in physiology from UCLA, he conducted postgraduate research at Harvard University.

Dr. Wallace established the first Maharishi Ayurveda clinics in America, in Fairfield, Iowa, Los Angeles, California, and Washington, DC. He initiated the first master’s degree program in Maharishi Ayurveda And Integrative Medicine in the US. He serves as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physiology and Health, Director of Research, and Trustee of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa. The author of several books, Dr. Wallace has given hundreds of lectures around the world.


SAMANTHA WALLACE grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and Long Lake, Quebec. She had a successful career as a model, appearing on the cover of Vogue and other magazines and worked with the great photographers of her time, notably Avedon and Penn. In the summer of 1973, she began to practice Transcendental Meditation.

Devoted to her family and to her practice of meditation, Samantha helps write and edit her husband’s books, and is presently finishing her own book.


Visit www.DocGut.com.

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