Drummer Insider: Tyler Zarzeka

Date:October 16, 2017 9:52 pm



Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with drummer Tyler Zarzeka whose credits include Charlie Puth, Kiiara, Cher Lloyd, Emblem 3, Siren XX, and currently Noah Cyrus, who he’s on tour with now (see video below of Tyler performing on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Noah Cyrus’ hit “Again”).


After years of filling up two passports and traveling to 6 continents working as a drum tech for such artists as Usher (Aaron Spears), Jay Z (Eric Geene), American Idol Tour (Teddy Campbell and Gordon Campbell), Hanson (Zac Hanson), and Demi Lovato (Mike Reid), in 2014 Tyler quit working for drummers and began drumming full time. The past few years he has performed on countless TV shows, and in front of countless huge audiences.

Keep up with Tyler at www.TylerZarzeka.com

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