E. Andrew Martonyi

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Author of the award-winning ‘Little Man in the Map’ geography books for kids, throughout the years Andrew has appeared on Big Blend Radio and contributed articles regarding children’s education – especially regarding geography education.

Andrew’s affinity for travel, his constant search for new things to see, and his granddaughter’s fascination with his trips inspired him to study the U.S. map from a new angle. What he discovered and developed, he now shares with all children to help them learn the states. His books include ‘The Little Man In the Map: With Clues to Remember All 50 States’, and ‘The Little Man In The Map Teaches the State Capitals.’ By using mnemonics, which help the children remember the placement of the states and the state capitals, these books assist parents, grandparents, teachers and homeschoolers teach children geography in a fun and memorable way. Learn more at www.GeographyBooksForKids.com.

E. Andrew Martonyi, author of author of the award-winning ‘Little Man in the Map’ children’s geography book series, explains how to create a mental map of the USA, on Big Blend Radio.




How to Create a Mental Map of the USA  

Geography for Kids  


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