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This episode of Big Blend Radio features East S.M., author of occult fantasy novel “Mercy’s Quest” that will take you on a journey from the Appalachian Mountains into New Orleans, complete with magical beings and witches. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Spreaker, PodBean, or SoundCloud.


Straight out of the Appalachian mountains, “Mercy’s Quest” by East. S.M. is inspired by an author’s own encounters with the mystical. As a generational divination artist, East drew inspiration from her small coal mining town to create this rich novel. A perfect blend of fantasy and adventure, Mercy’s Quest will entertain readers who love a supernatural twist.

“Humans. We are all conditioned to think we come to earth to learn to be better, only to return to some origins rooted to a belief system that never stopped evolving. You cannot chase the meaning of a story that never ends.”

Mercy Stone comes from a long line of Blood Moon witches and, as such, is no stranger to coexisting alongside life’s great mysteries. Haunted by visions of a past life and the discovery of a gruesome family talisman, Mercy is led away from the hollows of Appalachia to New Orleans in search of answers. Along her path, Mercy re-encounters the magical beings she has known across her many lifetimes since time immemorial, including King Solomon, the Battle Crows of Carpathia and the Devil himself.

East S. M. is an Appalachian Occultist, Diviner, educator, artist, performer, and now author. A cosmic being in her own right, she was born in a small Kentucky town that sits inside a meteorite crater. She spent her childhood studying under a strong matriarchal family that imparted its intuitive gifts and Appalachian Spirit practices from prior generations. East is continuously inspired by music and the power of myth. She enjoys reading paranormal, adventure, and occult fantasy fiction works. One of her highest callings and greatest gifts in life is to share her divinity and intuition through teaching and facilitating sacred ritual spaces.  A wild past of wonderful and sometimes unspeakable experiences, and decades of empowering others to seek their own quests, has called East to share Mercy’s story in the esoteric genre of Occult fiction. Her debut novel is the first in an anthology that reimagines the Spirit world, the human condition, and the necessity of both evolution and devolution within our lifetimes. https://theartisteast.com/.

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About the Author:

East S. M. is an Appalachian Occultist, Diviner, educator, artist, performer, and now author.

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