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Nashville based artist EG Vines talks with Big Blend Radio about his music, songwriting process and debut album ‘Conversation’.


Originally making his mark as a member of Nashville rock band The Bandoliers, today EG Vines defines himself as a solo artist with the release of his critically acclaimed debut album “Conversation.” Earlier this year, Vines teamed up with producer Eddie Spear (The Delta Saints, Dave Cobb) and noted studio musicians Leroy Powell, Chris Powell, and Brian Allen to create the five song masterpiece. The EP was written as a statement about empathy, compassion, and a greater understanding between people.

According to EG Vines, the lack of empathetic communication is at the root of a lot of our problems. “All this division, and the words that we use/the lines for no reason between me and you/well I won’t believe that this is the best we can do”, sings Vines on his record. From the funky “Tell Me Something Brother”, to the slow burning “Reconcile”, Vines is on a mission for more understanding on his debut solo “EP Conversation. “

Vines is originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas. “It’s a small, religious town, somewhere that the same families have inhabited for generations,” he says, “There’s more churches than houses in that place.” Growing up, Vines was heavily involved in the Church of Christ, which is where he first became interested in music composition. “The music is all A Capella, so it really gave me an appreciation for vocal harmony and layering,” he explains.

His religious upbringing, his time spent at a large state school, and almost a decade of living in a progressive city have given Vines perspective. Having so many close family members and friends with such strong, and often opposing, beliefs helps him understand different outlooks on many current social and political conversations – even when he may not agree with everything (or anything) that is being said. “A lot of friends of mine, maybe we have a little bit of different viewpoints just because of the things we’ve seen in our lives,” he explains, “And I’m usually the type of person who will say something if I see a statement that is just not how I see the world, but I think we all find a way to respect each other’s opinions.”

Vines’ ability to hear others viewpoints served him well when he began the search for a producer of his first solo EP. After playing and writing with rock outfit The Bandoliers for half a decade, life pulled the bandmates in different directions, leaving Vines in search of a new way to present his original material. “I felt like my songs never quite reached their full potential in the band, so for a couple years I spent most of my free time writing, I wrote for hours every day.”

Finally, when he felt that he had a group of songs he was ready to record, Vines reached out to producer Eddie Spear, who he admired for his work with The Delta Saints and Dave Cobb. Spear was skeptical at first, he told Vines that although there was a lot of good components, some of the songs weren’t quite working for him, and he gave him some classic records to listen to as homework. Rather than take offense, Vines took the advice to heart. He listened deeply, wrote more, and worked harder on honing his craft. That initial conversation turned into a powerful creative collaboration. Over the next few months, the songs on “Conversation” were born and Spear agreed to produce the EP. 

“If you try to really hear someone out and not condemn a viewpoint before giving your opinion, that always works a little better,” Vines explains. We can only hope that Vines empathetic message is heard out, and paves the way for many more meaningful conversations.

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