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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with sing-songwriter Elli Perry about traveling, her music and songwriting career, and latest album ‘Little Thieves’.

Singer-songwriter Elli Perry has spent a lifetime traveling in search of inspiration and a place to call home. Her search has seen her as a touring musician playing hundreds of shows a year, and as a recluse burned out from life on the road. Little Thieves chronicles those journeys and transformations. Above all, the album is a story about finding the strength to start again.

Perry began performing as a 12-year-old on barroom stages around her native state of Georgia, then toured relentlessly in support of multiple self-released albums. But those who travel regularly know that exhaustion and isolation are often the price of paid for adventure. In 2014, Perry found herself worn thin, battling depression and in the midst of a divorce. She canceled her tour dates and put music on hold indefinitely. Naturally, she traveled while she rebuilt and recharged. During her two year hiatus, Perry lived in the American Southwest, the French countryside, and the coastal jungles of Costa Rica. She continued writing, transforming the demons that had pursued her into the songs that would become Little Thieves.

Recorded to tape in nine days with producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins (Deer Tick, Rayland Baxter, Vanessa Carlton), Little Thieves is a sonically bold exploration of the search for light amongst the shadows. It is a ten song elegy to the dark and sometimes painful truths of wanderlust, starting with “Smoking Gun,” which finds Perry’s distinct voice telling her story of how she came to decide it was time for a break. Perry also turned over a new creative leaf on the album, employing a backing band that includes members of Deer Tick and My Morning Jacket. Indie rock grit and sweeping pop melodies flesh out a sound that had previously focused on atmospheric Americana. “Love Is A Ship” and “Burn the River Down” speak of love lost, while “Rosalee” and “A Train Will Come” juxtapose longing for home with an incessant need to roam.

Nearly a year after completion of Little Thieves, Perry is ready to return to the road. After a lifetime of searching, she’s found resolution to the long-standing conflict between her urge to roam and her need for home. She and her fiancé purchased and renovated an old RV, deciding to make it their permanent residence in 2017. She’ll be touring throughout the year in support of the album, sharing the stories written about the end of a long journey, and beginning a new one. www.ElliPerry.com

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