Fall Wine and Dessert Pairings


By Peggy Fiandaca


ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Peggy Fiandaca talks about the end of harvest wrap-up at LDV Winery, and shares tips on fall dessert and wine pairings. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.

Try these two wine tips for pairing with desserts.

1. Wine should be sweeter than the food.
2. Wine should have enough acidity to balance sweetness.


Late harvest wine is produced with grapes left on the vine until they have reached a high sugar level (usually close to raisons). Fermentation is then stopped with sugar remaining. Fortified wines are those that have had a high alcohol liquor or spirit (up to 70% alcohol content) added to an already made sweet wine. Port would be a good example or LDV Winery’s Epilogue is a Petite Sirah fortified with grape spirits.


Fall Dessert Pairing Ideas:
• Sweet Plum Tart with Rosemary & Sea Salt, pair with a late harvest or Riesling ice wine.
• Apple Crumble pairs with a subtle wine like Dry Riesling.
• Crème Brulé, pair with a sweet, low acidic Sauterne.
• Dark Chocolate Flourless Torte, pair with a dry Petite Sirah.


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LDV Winery in Arizona


About the Author:

Peggy Fiandaca is the co-owner and brand manager of LDV Winery in Arizona.

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