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ON BIG BLEND RADIO: UK singer-songwriter Liz Lenten, founder of the Americana Ensemble AUBURN, returns to Big Blend Radio and chats about her music, life during the pandemic, and new EP “Favorite Mistake.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean.


After lockdown, desperate to reconnect with music, singer/songwriter Liz Lenten spent a year with the TSA (The Songwriting Academy) writing at home, in her Lincolnshire countryside studio, and after a few song assignments (from the brilliant mentors), set to challenge her, she ended up with a whole bunch of new songs….recording initially at home, then adding instruments and musicians via cyberspace in London, Wales, Sussex and even Australia – until sending everything to Nashville to award-winning long-time collaborator and producer, Thomm Jutz, to finish off recording and mix.

The first 4 completed tracks make up the digital “FAVOURITE MISTAKE EP”, which will be released on April 28, 2023. A further 4 track digital EP will be released in September 2023, and a vinyl, with both EPs + 4 extra new songs, will be out at end of the year.

As always, the lyrical themes cover a myriad of emotions – Love, Resignation, Betrayal, Metamorphosis, Yearning…amongst others!

With wonderful contributions from Thomm Jutz (guitars), Mo Pleasure (bass), JB Bennetts (drums), Ruth Elder & London String Group (cello/violin), Eden Parish & Ivan Toolit (harmonies), Will Fowler (piano), and featuring Nottingham-based rapper – Sanka GBM.

The second digital EP will be released in the Autumn, and finally a vinyl, with both EP’s + extra new recordings, to be released in time for Christmas.

Auburn will be playing some UK festivals summer 2023 – keep an eye on website and socials for info: www.auburn.org.uk

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