Functional Travel Gear

Three Innovative and Functional Products to Keep You Safe & Connected, Stylish & Comfortable!
Compiled by Lisa D. Smith

Stay Safe in Your Hotel Room with SABRE’s Door Handle Alarm
There are all kinds of travel safety tips and tricks, but nothing beats having a portable safety alarm! A life-long traveler, I am no stranger to the experience of waking up in my hotel room, to see the door handle jiggling with someone trying to get in. Creepy!

I love SABRE’s Door Handle Alarm – it’s effective, lightweight and portable, easily fitting into carry-on luggage and overnight bags, suitcases, or even a briefcase. Powered by AAA batteries, the installation is simple – just hang it on your hotel room handle / door knob. If someone tries to open your hotel room door – trust me, you will know about it, and so will the intruder! Working on vibration, the alarm rings out at 110dB, and is audible up to 600ft / 185m away, so it’s not only great for hotel rooms, but could also work for some vacation rental units. Besides the alarm, there is a chime setting, and a 30-second activation delay to prevent any false triggering. Retailing at $11.99 each, the alarm is available on Amazon and at

Power Up with Nomad Goods Carabiner Phone Charger
We do a lot of park travel that ranges from exploring rugged wilderness areas on foot, to paddling down a river in a kayak, climbing through cave systems or riding the range on horse back. We travel as light as possible, and the last thing we need to take up room in our camera bags and backpacks, are bulky phone chargers with cords that get wrapped and twisted up in everything.

Nomad Goods has created a cool, slick carabiner clip that has a hidden USB cable to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone. The charge is lightning fast! You can easily and securely attach the carabiner onto a keychain, backpack, camera bag, dry bag or gym bag. Retailing at $29.95 each, the Nomad Goods Carabiner Phone Charger is available on and at

Stay Stylish & Comfortable in the Poppet Classic Travel Cardigan
From chilly airports to stuffy taxi cab seating, many of us ladies know that to be comfortable in all the different temperatures we experience when traveling, packing and wearing layers is a must. Shawls and cardigans are great to keep off the chill, but when you get into a warmer area, they can become a burden to carry around when you’re on-the-go. Hats off to H&K The Poppet Company for creating the Poppet Classic Travel Cardigan, that’s not only stylish and comfortable, it’s functional as a purse, and, the garment and it’s fabric is all Made in America!

The Poppet Classic Travel Cardigan has a water-repellent and tear-proof pocket that’s sewn into the small of the back that’s concealed with a box pleat above the waist, when you’re wearing it. The pocket is a perfect place to hide your passport, cell phone, money or other light travel or personal necessities. When you’re not wearing the cardigan, simply tuck it into its pocket and either carry it as your purse, or pack it into your luggage. It’s small and lightweight so it can easily fit into a handbag, car glovebox, briefcase or even a laptop bag. Made from soft classic knit rayon jersey with 6% spandex for easier crease release, the Poppet Classic Travel Cardigan is available in classic black, heathered steel blue, orange, red, rich plum, heathered grey and sapphire blue. It retails for $79 each, and is available on or at

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