Go Grain-to-Glass with Blind Barrels



This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” Show features a Blind Whiskey Tasting Experience with Bobby DeMars, founder of Blind Barrels, a blind whiskey tasting subscription, plus, Chris and Angela Smith who own Clouds Rest Acres Farm in Connecticut.  Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Spreaker, Podbean, SoundCloud, or Facebook.


America is in the midst of its 2nd whiskey boom. Blind Barrels is about expanding a subscriber’s horizons beyond the brands they know and can get at any liquor store. It’s about smaller distilleries, where the farmer that distills his grain is often the one bottling his or her precious juice. While some of the hidden gems in their line-ups have been around for generations, there are many new craft distilleries that are pushing the boundaries of whiskey. These artisanal whiskey wizards have taken craft whiskey to new heights, experimenting with mash recipes, distillation methods, and aging methods. In the end, they all have a story centered on America’s native spirit – whiskey.

Every quarter Blind Barrels subscribers will be treated to 4 unique and hard-to-find 50 ml samples of American whiskey. Each experience includes a tasting led by a “spirits guide” to complement their tasting experience, learning about the nuances of each whiskey (color, aroma, taste, etc.) both educating novices and enhancing the knowledge of connoisseurs. Once the subscriber is ready, each of the spirits and their details are revealed (heat level, mash bill, etc.) as well as the backstory of each distillery. More: https://blindbarrels.com/

More about Clouds Rest Acres Farm: https://cloudsrestacres.com/

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