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Big Blend Radio has proudly been playing the music of guitarist Micha Schellhaas since 2012! See his album Double Take” and interview featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, and his song “Velocity” and interview in the Musical Excellence feature in the summer 2016 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

Micha Schellhaas was born in Germany and enjoyed a peaceful and inspiring youth out in the countryside. He started playing the guitar at age 9 and developed an early interest in the sounds and styles of American music. Even though his teacher encouraged him to study classical music, Micha wanted to learn about the Blues.  He started performing at age 12 in several local bands.  At 17 he worked as a professional player in a studio recorded production, which marked the start of his international career.  


Micha formally studied guitar initially in Germany, and finished his education with a Master’s Degree in Jazz Guitar from the prestigious ARTEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, the Netherlands. In addition to mastering the guitar, Micha also developed composition and production skills during these years. While living in Amsterdam, he co-owned a recording studio and regularly performed all over Europe.


America, the land of unlimited possibilities, was still calling Micha and he soon started traveling to the United States extensively. Micha explored his now favorite country with multiple coast-to-coast travels, making many new musical friends along the way. He moved to San Francisco in 2011, and after a couple of years of being active in the Bay Area he relocated to Los Angeles.


In LA it did not take him long to connect with some of the city’s finest musicians. He recorded his first official EP, “Wings of Fire”, in 2013 at the famous Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood. The EP features Frank Zappa’s and Steve Vai’s drummer, Chad Wackerman, and is produced by legendary guitar player Carl Verheyen of Supertramp.


Wings of Fire”was followed by a full length album,“Double Take”, in 2015. The album features the same all-star band and producer, and received international praise. The famous Vintage Guitar Magazine (US) called his album a “guitar extravaganza”, and The Rocker (UK) highlighted that the all original material shows Micha to be a “major talent”.

Micha has since relocated to the magical high desert mountain town of Joshua Tree, California. He is finding inspiration in nature, performing locally, and running a recording and production studio from this remote location. His latest work is the mini-album “The Rebirth of the Summer Snow” that was inspired by the books and the true story of Chinese-American artist and writer Jossda. The track, Summer Snow, features Stu Hamm on bass who has recorded and toured extensively with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.


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