Halloween Cocktail Party!

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Spooktacular guests hop aboard the haunted Big Blend Trick or Treat Party Bus and travel down Ghost Highway, sipping on ghoulish cocktails from the Yuma Landing (see recipes below), swapping creepy and freaky tales, and playing Spontuneous ‘The Song Game. Losers beware – Ghost Court awaits with Judge Ward Heinrichs and Hot Mama Babooschkah! Plus, there’s creepy music and haunting Halloween Hollywood History with Steve Schneickert, on Big Blend Radio.

Featured Guests include: San Diego employment attorney Ward Heinrichs Esq.; Sommelier Hilarie Larson; Ralph Masengill Jr. “Mr Change Agent”; cardiologist Dr. Jacqueline Eubany; singer-songwriter Nicki Kris; Chris Perrin “The Party Food Dude”; Mike Dunmyer “Ocean Champion”, and a special appearance by entertainer “Carol Channing”! 


These four spooktacular cocktails are from Yuma Landing Bar & Grill mixologist Tyler Johnston and Heather Witherington.

Jack O’Lantern Cocktail  

In a hurricane glass, pour orange juice over ice.
Layer the top with 2 ¾ oz. Blackberry Vodka.
Garnish with an orange slice. Salud!

Candy Corn Shooter

Get a plastic shot cup and the fill center with Jagermeister.
Fill the outer cup with orange soda.
Shoot it down!

Zombie Blood Martini

For Cocktail:

1 oz. vodka
1 oz. peach schnapps
1 oz. sour apple schnapps
1 oz. coconut rum
1 oz. sweet and sour mix

For Blood Slime:

3 Tbsp. corn syrup
½ tsp. red food coloring

Rim Instructions:

Mix corn syrup with red food coloring.
Dip the rim of martini glass into the mixture, and slowly spin the glass to coat it.
Turn the glass upright and the blood will begin to drip slightly. Set aside.

Cocktail Instructions:

Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes.
Shake well and pour over ice cubes into slime-rimmed martini glass.

Witches Brew

1 oz each of pineapple and cranberry juice (to create that Harvest Moon color)
2 oz Sprite
1 ¼ oz Malibu Coconut Rum

Mix juice  and rum in a high ball glass with ice.
Pour rum down the inside of the glass right before drinking.

Song Game -Spontuneous


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