Hawt Diggity Dawgs!


This summer, Terri Bailey, former co-owner of Bailey’s Palomar Resort, wants us all to go beyond the typical ketchup and yellow mustard when it comes to dressing up our hot dogs! Check out her “Dog Star” suggestions below!

Try mixing up classic condiments like Mayo and Old Bay seasoning, katsup and sun-dried tomato paste, maple syrup mustard, BBQ sauce and hot sauce, sweet and sour relish – the combos are endless! Or, how about grilled veggies for toppings, like: corn (grill and remove from cob), jalapeno and bell peppers, tomatoes, purple onions, mushrooms, and squash. When it comes to veggies as toppings, one of my favorites is “The Crunch” with carrots (plain or pickled), cabbage, sweet and sour dill pickles, lettuce, and scallions.

The Dog Stars:
#1. The Bratwurst Dog: Top with grilled onion, maple mustard and pickled cabbage. Serve on a Kaiser bun.

#2. The Sweet & Sour Dog:
Top with chipotle sauce, sweet dill pickle relish and grilled corn. Serve on whole-wheat bun.

#3. The Down to Earth Dog:
Top with Old Bay Mayo, pickled carrots, grilled peppers and squash. Serve on a white bun.

#4. The Hot Diggity Dog:
Top with sun-dried tomato katsup or paste, scallions and grilled peppers. Serve on a French roll.

#5. The Take Me Out to the Ball Game Dog:
Top with Old Bay Mayo, maple mustard, and grilled onion. Serve on a white bun


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