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Adult contemporary singer-songwriter Nicki Kris talks with Big Blend Radio about her new empowering new album ‘Heartbeat’ that raises the bar with a collection of pop/rock anthems, catchy sing-along tracks and a few remixed classics that effortlessly showcases her powerful diva vocals in the perfect alternative pop/rock form.  Some of the songs have already been recognized in several international songwriting competitions, while some of the remixed classics have received over a million plays collectively since their launch.

When describing her third album Heartbeat [N.K.M Records], Nicki Kris says that the 14 track album is a culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears and comes from a place of ‘finally being true to myself and my dreams’.

“Heartbeat really digs deep into who I am as an artist and songwriter,” Nicki says. “This album was about me finding my voice and my assertion of how music is truly my heartbeat. My producer and co-writing partner on the album Kevin McNoldy and I really tried to incorporate this feeling throughout the album especially in the lyrics and recordings.”

There’s plenty of new music on this album for fans to get excited about. In addition to the remixes and prior singles, they’ve added another eight new tracks. Writing and recording the album near her Apex, NC home the award-winning singer/ songwriter, TV and Film composer, drew inspiration from several of her favorite artists, real life situations, as well as controversial political moments and events.

Nicki had this to say when asked to elaborate on the songs included on the album. “One of my favorite songwriting prompts is to write a response to another artists song,” Nicki says. Since I’m a Thirty-Seconds to Mars junkie there’s no shortage of inspirational musical memes to choose from and because a lot of Jared Leto’s writing leaves the interpretation of the songs meaning up to the listener, it really leaves a lot of options for a lyrical response. Several of the new songs (Defenseless, I Am Who I Am) are a direct result of this type of writing.”

Nicki also states, “I feel that our political and empowerment anthems (Captain America, Heartbeat, and Rise) really capture the essence of the turmoil throughout the United States and ongoing challenges of a divided country. These were actually some of the easier songs to write, mainly because of 7×24 hour news and social media coverage. Never a dull moment when the President has direct access to Twitter. Probably the toughest song to write and record (Call My Name) was a direct result of the death of Linkin Park lead singer, Chester Bennington and a long-time friend’s daughter both from suicide. I wanted to write a song that honored them both, but also offered hope to others that might be suffering. Hopefully we’ve done that.”

This album is a natural evolution for Kris. The shy organic singer/songwriter that captured an international audience with her debut album, I Come Alive, in 2013 has blossomed into a confident assertive songstress with the vocal chops to match. “I feel like I’ve finally put together a sound that truly captures the essence of me,” says Nicki. “It’s like a rebirth or new debut in many instances. This is who I am.”

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