Four Innovative & Affordable Gifts


Four Innovative & Affordable Gifts


NOD Bottle Bags – Escape the ordinary when giving the gift of wine or liquor! Crafted from a quality and durable card stock, each gift bag sports a different theme, and accordingly, includes either six silicone glass markers or a bottle stopper. Themes range from colorful desert cactus to pink flamingos, glamorous high heels to a stylish tuxedo. Seasonal designs include a cheerful Santa Claus, cool polar bears, toasty gingerbread houses, and a cute holiday owl. Affordable at just $7 per bag, at






UncommonGreen Wine Glasses – Go a step beyond the gift of glass and personalize it with a detailed etching of a destination or city that holds a special place in the recipient’s heart. Maybe it’s their hometown or college city, or even their honeymoon destination. From wine glasses to pint glasses, UncommonGreen features affordable, fine glassware that’s etched with the streets, neighborhoods and landmarks of over 100 cities around the world. You can also customize the glass with any location or text. A big plus, UncommonGreen uses American materials and packaging, and employs Earth-friendly practices.





Drink Tops by Coverware Essentials – Whether it’s wine time out on the patio or out at a barbecue or picnic, no wine lover wants any bugs, winged wonders or dirt in their vino! Drink Tops™ WINE outdoor glass covers to the rescue! Featuring a stainless steel screen, the food-grade silicone edge firmly grips the rim of the glass, protecting the wine while allowing it to breathe. Fitting most glasses up to 4-inches wide, the covers are durable and easy to clean, and their different wine country colors make decorative drink markers. Available at $24 for a set of four, on   




Bring the Party Along with the Portovino Wine Purse
Perfect for spring picnics or summer days relaxing poolside with the gals, the PortoVino is an innovative fashion purse that stores and dispenses up to 2 bottles of wine (or your favorite beverage), all concealed within an insulated zippered pocket. It even has a little spout so you can simply ‘park your purse’ and pour!

The bag is spacious and also has two smaller interior side pockets to carry accessories and personal items like cell phones, keys, and a wallet. Choose from canvas purses striped in white and fire brick red or midnight blue, beautiful leather purses in gold, platinum, black, red or blue, and stylish messenger bags available in camel or slate. Shop online on Amazon or directly on


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