Home Sweet Home


Three Products that Add Light, Color and Functionality!

LIGHTBOXARTS – Liven Up Your Décor with Light & Color! Featuring creative art inserts, these stylish and sturdy, 6×6 MDF LED backlit cubes can change design according to season or celebration, and can even be customized with your own photo, artwork or message. Choose from over 200 designs or connect to your photo stream / Instagram library to personalize it up. Pricing is $24.99 per cube and artwork, and $12 for any additional artwork. Available at www.LightBoxArts.com as well as over 600 gift stores.

GREEN GOO – Nourish Your Skin with Natural Bar Soap! Soften your skin and refresh your senses with Green Goo’s natural and luxurious bar soaps enriched with organic and sustainably sourced oils, and crafted with a 35 day cold process, providing a beautifully creamy, extra gentle and long-lasting bar guaranteed to pamper your skin! From cinnamon aloe to lavender oatmeal and zesty lemongrass, bars are $7.45 each and available online at www.GreenGooHelps.com or in packs and gift sets on Amazon.

ITZY – Carry a Whole Lot in a Super Small Bag! Perfect for busy Moms or gals on the go, Itzy is an innovative little mesh tote bag that can fit in your purse or back pocket, and stretch out to carry up to 20 pounds, and then shrink back to its original size! It’s great for grocery store runs, stashing toys or laundry, and for going on road trips and family outings. Created by Gadgit Girlz, Itzy bags are washable, reusable and available in a variety of colors. Sold in a set of 3 for $19.99. Purchase online at www.GadgitGirlz.com or on Amazon.


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