How to Store Wine Properly


by Peggy Fiandaca, co-owner of LDV Winery in Arizona


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Not everyone can have a temperature-controlled wine cellar or wine refrigerator to store their wine. If you have made an investment in some wine to enjoy at a future date, then you need to store it properly. Here are some simple tips for storing wine at home.

Proper, Stable Temperature. The temperature will impact the wine’s quality the most. If you have a built-in wine rack in your kitchen, never use it for wine. Your kitchen is the hottest place in your home. A room that is too warm or too cold will impact the wine negatively. The proper temperature can be different for different wines, but the general recommendation is approximately 55ºF (13ºC). A food refrigerator which will be set in the high 30º range, is too cold for long-term wine storage. Lastly, the temperature must be as stable as possible to ensure that the cork remains intact without letting air seep in or wine leak out.

Eliminate Light and Vibration. Regardless of storing for a few days or years, find a place in your home where the wine remains in the dark. Direct sunlight will impact the wine’s flavor and aromas. You might consider keeping your wine in the wine case box. It will keep the wine in the dark and help insulate it from temperature swings. Vibration from a staircase or laundry room can impact the wine’s aging process. When we built our wine cellar under a staircase, we reinforced the ceiling to ensure no vibrations.

Humidity. Like temperature, the extremes and stability of humidity in your storage area will impact the wine’s quality and how long it can be aged. We suggest around 60 percent relative humidity.

Lay Wine Bottles Horizontally. This is particularly important for wine bottles with corks to ensure that the cork remains moist over time. A dried-out cork might cause wine seepage.

If you are still confused where to store your wine in your house, choose the floor of a closet or basement if you have one. It is usually the coolest place. Remember, the most expensive wine is the bottle you allowed to go bad because it was not stored properly.

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