Hyong Yi: 100 Love Notes




Big Blend Radio interview with Hyong Yi, author of ‘100 Love Notes’ and ‘The #100 Love Notes Project, a Love Story’ (Lorimer Press).

When Hyong Yi set out to honor his wife Catherine Zanga on November 21, 2015, which was the first anniversary of Catherine’s death from ovarian cancer, he didn’t realize how many people’s lives he and his young children would touch. On that day, Yi and his children handed out 100 love notes on the streets of Charlotte, NC. He wanted to remind people never to take their loved ones for granted. Yi and his children inspired people around the world. The effort received press from all over the world, was translated into at least 17 languages, and Hyong was featured on national television and in major publications throughout the U.S. 

Inspired by the loving reception the note cards received, Hyong commissioned 17 artists to illustrate some of the most compelling moments of his and Catherine’s marriage. The art runs the gamut from watercolor, to pen and ink, mosaic and collage; from traditional paintings to digital compositions. The results are his new publications: 100 Love Notes and The #100 Love Notes Project, a Love Story (Lorimer Press). Hyong’s words are beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, and most importantly, a call for all of us to let those we love know how we feel.

Hyong Yi has spent his career working as a public servant, currently for the City of Charlotte. He earned degrees in political science and public administration, qualifying him to work in government. He loves his community, his family, his children, and most importantly, his late wife, Catherine. For more information visit www.100lovenotes.com

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