Jeffrey Halford and The Healers: West Towards South




Soulful, blues-influenced storyteller, Jeffrey Halford who fronts his band The Healers, talks with Big Blend Radio about their ninth album, “West Towards South” and plays a fun round of Spontuneous ‘The Song Game.’

Jeffrey Halford and the Healers are admired for their unique fusion of Americana, blues, and rock n’ roll. The forthcoming LP is a follow-up to the band’s previous record, LoFi Dreams in 2017. The album reached #8 on the Americana charts and was a hit among dedicated fans of the genre. The new full-length album is sure to surpass preceding accolades.

Atmospheric, funky, rustic, and raw—this is an Americana narrative at its finest; poetic story songs delivered with the voice of authenticity, sitting atop a moody bed of dirty slide guitars, organic drums, and swampy bass. Subtle touches of violin, piano, and lap steel adorn a song cycle that chronicles the westbound adventures of two mythic brothers in an equally mythic America.

The Healers are comprised of Adam Rossi and Bill MacBeath, and guest stars Mark Karan and Tom Heyman. Jeffrey Halford with co-writer Don Zimmer and Adam Rossi {co-producer} created something so many strive for, and yet too few achieve a genuine Americana concept album that is simultaneously devoid of pretension and richly authentic. “West Towards South” includes the band’s lead track “Deeper Than Hell” which is from the point of view of an elusive, bold man on the run. Opening with the distant wail of a guitar and the subtle sound of sinking through water, the listener is instantly drawn into the story. Jeffrey begins the track with the lines “Bullets pierce the water, I can feel it on my skin. You thought you had me, I took that long jump in.” The volume can’t go anywhere but up from this moment forward as we roll with the band’s snare drums hits and bluesy guitar riffs.

In support of the upcoming West Towards South album, Jeffrey Halford and the Healers have racked up a slew of tour dates across the San Francisco Bay area, and on May 21st, they will embark on their fourth European tour, journeying through the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond.

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