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Jennifer McGuinness joins Big Blend Radio’s “Nature Connection” and “Garden Gossip” podcasts to discuss her latest book, “Bird-Friendly Gardening: Guidance and Projects for Supporting Birds in Your Landscape.” Releasing in April 2024 through Cool Springs Press, and available on pre-order, it’s the ultimate and authoritative guide for cultivating a home landscape that embraces wildlife, specifically catering to a diverse array of native plants that nourish, shelter, and sustain birds. Watch the podcast here in the YouTube player or download it on Acast.

As hundreds of North American bird species confront population decline or the threat of extinction, right now is the perfect time to establish a habitat garden at home. This garden will become a sanctuary, furnishing birds with the essential resources for secure feeding, migration, breeding, and overall well-being.

Creating a bird-friendly haven for various species need not be an overwhelming task. The key lies in understanding the requirements of our avian companions and recognizing how native plants, coupled with intentional garden design, can fulfill those needs. Author Jennifer McGuinness expertly presents this knowledge in an easy-to-follow, actionable format.

Moving beyond traditional bird feeders and suet blocks, the book delves into crucial topics, including:

  • Designing bird-centered habitat gardens for spaces of all sizes
  • Ensuring a year-round supply of fresh water
  • Understanding the connection between native plants, insects, and the birds dependent on them
  • Crafting fruit gardens, bird seed gardens, runoff-absorbing rain gardens, or container gardens that nurture birds
  • Introducing trees, shrubs, and plants vital for supporting insects crucial to the diet of young birds
  • 18 step-by-step garden design projects and comprehensive plant lists for creating diverse bird-friendly spaces
  • Tips on preventing window strikes and safeguarding against cat-related incidents
  • Implementing best practices for incorporating bird feeders, nest boxes, and bird baths into your landscape

Whether your initial fascination with birds was sparked by a swift Ruby-throated Hummingbird, a vibrant Indigo Bunting, or a petite Hammond’s Flycatcher, it’s time to extend a warm welcome to birds in your home garden. Every individual has the power to significantly impact the lives of thousands of birds, whether they’re passing through during migration or establishing a feathered haven for the next generation.

Supporting wildlife is a passion for so many gardeners: in the last four years 1 in 4 American adults (64.1 million) purchased a plant because it was beneficial to birds, bees, or butterflies. Now’s the time for gardeners from coast to coast to heed the call and welcome their flighty friend’s home with “Bird-Friendly Gardening.”

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Jennifer McGuinness joins Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" and "Garden Gossip" podcasts to discuss her latest book, "Bird-Friendly Gardening: Guidance and Projects for Supporting Birds in Your Landscape."

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