Jerry Hull: Cherokee Moon




Jerry Hull chats with Big Blend Radio about his music career and living in England. Music featured in this segment includes his songs: Preacher Caine (Red Mans Blues) and Social Media Drama Queen – both on his album Cherokee Moon, released in August 2016.

Jerry Hull is a pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger and has been playing for over 40 years. Being from Memphis, Tennessee, his musical roots include blues, gospel, rock, pop, and classical. He says, “MUSIC runs through my veins, I was born with it in my soul and has and always will be a major part of my life”.

Music reviewers and fans have often said, Jerry’s style is similar to Elton John, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach and Todd Rundgren both musically and vocally, but with his own original style emerging within these. His style is also impacted from being brought up in the mid-south of the United States and certainly from being born and raised in Memphis. After living and gigging from Memphis to Los Angeles, the midwest USA and Toronto for 24 years (1975-1999), he is now settled in East Yorkshire, England UK for the last 14 years since 2002. Life’s experiences and present surroundings play an additional role on the style of his writing recently. Jerry has never been more prolific in his entire life as within the last mere 3 years having produced over 300 songs! Jerry Hull has been actively involved in music for almost half a century.

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