Come join in the conversation and be part of Big Blend’s new Meaningful Community Groups on Facebook! They’re all about having a positive dialogue with like-minded folks from across the country and around the world, and sharing articles of interest including photos and videos, news and events. Group interests include music, books and the arts; gardening, cooking and farm-to-table cuisine; walking and hiking; humanitarian and environmental issues; eco-friendly travel and historic sites, and more.


Big Blend’s Five Facebook Groups include:

Celebrate the Arts
Celebrating The Arts & Creative SpiritFrom visual and fine art to books and literature, music and entertainment, film and theatre; this community supports, celebrates and works in The Arts – all of The Arts! From music videos to new books and movies, art shows, comedy and theatre productions, this community is a place to share all things related to the arts and creative spirit! Let’s celebrate!




Gardens Farms Local FlavorsGardens, Farms & Local Flavors A community that celebrates gardening, cooking and community beautification; supports local farms, wineries and gardens; as well as food / drink establishments and artisans that use locally sourced ingredients. Join us to share your recipes and tips, favorite destinations and artisan products, and any related events!



One Hour Walk– #OneHourWalk
Join us in sharing photos, places and your positive experiences about getting out for a #OneHourWalk at least once a week! It can be anywhere – your neighborhood, a local park, a farmers market, a bird walk, a foodie walking tour or charity event! It’s about mindfulness and awareness, health and happiness, fostering community connection and inspiring travel, strengthening relationships with family and friends, enjoying and protecting our natural and public spaces, experiencing and learning something new. As our friends at SuperCamp say, it’s about Unplugging to “Plug Into Life!” Join us and share your #OneHourWalk experience!


– Positive People for Peace & The Planet A positive community that shares quotes and stories, tips and action steps, news and events, that ignite and inspire peace and improve the environment and natural health of the planet. Keywords are peace and positivity. So within this online community, please let us Speak with Good Purpose and support each other in our posts and sharing, and refrain from anything uttered out of anger and negativity.



Sustainable Travel– Sustainable Destinations with a Sense of Place A light-footed travel and responsible tourism community that celebrates sustainable and eco-friendly destinations, and those that maintain their ‘sense of place’. From Small Towns with Mom & Pop Shops to National Parks and Historic Sites, join us to share your favorite places and destinations, events and activities, travel tips and more!  

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