Josh Farrow: Trouble Walk With Me



Inspired as much by the New Orleans funk of Allen Touissant as the Chicago blues of his hometown, Josh Farrow puts a dark spin on American roots music with his full-length debut, “Trouble Walks With Me.” Written and recorded in Nashville, Trouble Walks With Me finds Farrow pulling triple-duty as lead singer, songwriter and ringleader. As featured in the winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, in his first full-length collection Josh ignores the rules of his new home – a Tennessee city ruled by cowboy-hatted country stars strumming acoustic guitars – and carves out his own sound, with the help of guests including Ruby Amafu, Elizabeth Cook, and the McCrary Sisters, to name a few.

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East Nashville based singer-songwriter Josh Farrow talks with Big Blend Radio about the art of music, and his full-length debut album TROUBLE WALKS WITH ME that mixes Southern gothic with Chicago blues.






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