Kitchen, Bar & To-Go Must-Haves


Two Innovative Must-Haves!

Say Hello to Stojo! Are you always on-the-go with your coffee or drink? What happens to your cup when you’re done? Holding hot or cold drinks, Stojo is a reusable and collapsible cup that’s made from mostly food-grade rated silicon and recyclable materials. After you’ve finished your favorite drink, just collapse it down into a disk and store in your pocket, bag, desk drawer or even your car glovebox – it’s leak-proof, and will fit almost anywhere! Safe and eco-friendly, by using 1 Stojo cup you’re saving 500 disposable cups a year from piling up in landfills! Stojo comes in 2 sizes, is BPA-free, and is dishwasher and microwave safe!  

Magic Opener Extreme! Tired of asking for help, breaking a nail or hurting your hands every time you try to open a bottle or can? The Magic Opener Extreme is an ergonomically designed 4-in-1 opener that makes it super easy to open traditional glass bottles, plastic bottles, pull-tab food cans, as well as soda and beer cans. It’s magnetic on the back so it can conveniently sit on your refrigerator door or even on your metal cooler, making it excellent for RV and boat travel, picnics and BBQs, tailgating parties, at your bar or even at the office! It’s magic!

See Stojo & The Magic Opener in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine!   

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