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On this episode of Big Blend Radio, author Kos Kostmayer talks about his latest novel “Fargo Burns” that dramatizes the turmoil and upheaval of American society. Listen to his interview here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean or SoundCloud.

“Fargo Burns” is the first of four groundbreaking experiments in literary fiction from award-winning New York author Kos Kostmayer coming out on Dr. Cicero books.  The eponymous hero of the novel, Fargo Burns, is a 32-year-old, Mississippi-born New Yorker whose life is thrown into vivid disarray following two grave mistakes of fate and judgment.

Mistake #1: Fargo goes mad, violently so, and lands in a mental hospital where he becomes convinced that he has been turned into a dog and that his psychiatrist is Virginia Woolf.  Mistake #2: He falls into an affair with the girlfriend of a professional killer.

Shifting between the Mississippi Delta and New York City, “Fargo Burns” dramatizes the turmoil and upheaval of American society at the height of the Vietnam war through a kaleidoscopic tapestry of linguistic experimentation. The novel fuses a profound examination of American violence with a surprising undercurrent of subversive humor. As Fargo struggles to atone for the violence of his own actions, his story touches on race, religion, sex, history, politics, and madness culminating in a desperate confrontation in a dark New York City cathedral. Between the madness he unleashes and the violence he confronts, Fargo Burns finally learns what it means to be a man instead of a dog. It is a lesson that comes at a high price.

Kos Kostmayer is a novelist, poet, playwright, and screenwriter. He has four novels coming out in the next two years from Dr. Cicero Books: “Fargo Burns,” “The Politics of Nowhere,” “Lost Religion” and “The Avenue of Sad Days.”

Kos recently completed two volumes of poetry, “The Year the Future Disappeared” and “The Marriage Bed,” and he is currently working on a novel and a new play. His plays have been seen in various forms in New York City, Los Angeles, Harare, Toronto, Berlin and at a number of colleges and universities. His work has been honored with the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play, multiple Dramalogue Awards, the Pick Of The Fringe at the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival and the Otis L. Guernsey Prize in Drama from the Association of American Theater Critics.

Kos served for many years as Supervising Writer and Field Producer for Big Blue Marble, the Emmy award-winning documentary TV show for children, and has made a number of documentaries dealing with theater and its impact on young people. His poems have been published in a number of magazines, and his work has been translated into Swedish and German. In addition, he was written and produced numerous scripts for television and film, including “I Love You To Death,” a Lawrence Kasdan film featuring Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Hurt, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright, James Gammon and Jack Kehler.

Kos is married to the artist Martha Ferris, and he and his wife divide their time between their family farm in Mississippi and their home in the Hudson River valley. https://www.koskostmayer.com/


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Kos Kostmayer is a novelist, poet, playwright, and screenwriter.

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