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Lisa Dawn Miller, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, recording artist, veteran musical producer and stage performer in the long running musical “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show,” talks with Big Blend Radio about her latest music, new LDM Publishing company, and her son Oliver Richman’s latest singles. She also plays a fun round of Spontuneous ‘The Song Game.’

Lisa Dawn Miller, daughter of famed Motown songwriter Ron Miller, has released three original songs, “It’s My Turn to Fly,” “Summer Loving” and “Here We Go.”  As Lisa says, “’It’s My Turn to Fly’ was inspired by that incredible moment of self-empowerment when you realize that you are amazing and strong, as you prepare to spread your wings and take flight – and all of the excitement, wonder, fear, question, responsibility and triumph that goes with it.”

Lisa is the daughter of legendary songwriter, Ron Miller, whose classic hits include “For Once in My Life,” “Touch Me in the Morning,” “A Place in the Sun,” “Heaven Help Us All,” “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday,” “If I Could,” “I’ve Never Been to Me,” “Someday at Christmas,” and many more. Lisa is also the producer of the hit musical, “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” where stars as Ava Gardner alongside her husband, Sandy Hackett (son of legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett), who stars as Joey Bishop and co-produces.

Miller has many projects in the pipeline, including the launch of two publishing companies – LDM Publishing LLC and Ron Miller Songbook Publishing. She is developing a new musical about her father entitled, “For Once in My Life” and a new musical comedy, “Growing Older.” She recently appeared at Motown’s Heroes and Legends Awards, performing her father’s song, “For Once in My Life” in support of youth in the arts.

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