Louie Cronin: Everyone Loves You Back



Award-winning debut novel, Everyone Loves You Back, by Louie Cronin, former ‘Car Talk’ producer, offers a wry look at social class clashes in Cambridge, Massachusett’s Harvard Square, along with humorous examination of gentrification and romance across class lines.


Louie Cronin (former “Car Talk” producer) discusses her award-winning debut novel where she brings sly mockery reminiscent of the beloved national radio show’s style, and an incisive journalistic eye to this eminently readable coming-of-middle-age story, on Big Blend Radio.


In the three generations since Bob Boland’s family settled into the tired Victorian house in Cambridge, Massachusetts where Bob lives, real locals – the guys who deliver the mail, plow the driveways and fix the burners – have been crowded out by urban tree-huggers and uppity intellectuals with designer dogs. On Bob’s street, they’ve launched a movement to save an ancient Japanese maple from a condo developer, while nagging Bob to take down the sun-blocking trees in his own back yard. A sarcastic, jazz-loving radio engineer working the night shift, Bob just wants silence by day so he can sleep, and status quo in his routine.


When romance buds with two very different women – one from the familiar though evolving world of radio, the other a sophisticated Harvard dance professor – Bob is forced to reconcile the comfort of stagnation with the inevitability of change. 


Cronin brings sly mockery reminiscent of the beloved ‘Car Talk’ show’s style and an incisive journalistic eye to her eminently readable coming-of-middle-age story. The novel won the 2016 Molly Ivors Fiction Prize from Gorsky Press. www.LouieCronin.com.

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