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During World War II, thousands of Americans sent their pets to Fort Robinson in western Nebraska where the U.S. Military established the Fort Robinson War Dogs Training Center, training over 17,000 “dogs for defense” and deploying them to battlefields and installations all over the world. On this episode of Big Blend Radio, author Trevor Jones discusses his new book “Major: A Soldier Dog” (Six Foot Press) tells the little-known story of these brave four-footed soldiers, their bravery, and the patriotism and sacrifice of their families. Listen to his interview below on, or



The incredible story of the War Dog program is told through the eyes of Major, a real World War II soldier dog that was trained at Fort Robinson.  At the beginning of the program, without a ready supply of dogs to train, the U.S. government asked civilians throughout the region to volunteer their dogs for service. Like thousands of others, Major’s family answered the call.

Major, and pets from coast to coast were crated up, and sent via train to courageously serve our country as guards, scouts, messengers, sled runners, and more.  Readers follow him through the heartbreaking separation from his family, the training at Fort Robinson, his harrowing war service in Italy, his return home for de-training and discharge, and finally the tearful reunion with his family.

Trevor Jones is Director and CEO of History Nebraska. He is an award-winning author of numerous books, as well as articles about museums and American history and has worked as a museum curator, exhibition designer, and educator. He is passionate about connecting the past with the present in order to create a better future.

For more information on Major, Sid, and the Fort Robinson War Dog Training Center, visit  For more information on this and other books by Six Foot Press, visit


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About the Author:

Trevor Jones is an award-winning author of numerous books, as well as articles about museums and American history.

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