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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with country rocker Marc Daniels, who talks about his music career, debut album ‘The Starting Line’, and first two singles ‘Redheads’ and ‘Summer Song’.

American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels builds a deep connection with his audience by offering heartfelt and down-to-earth lyrics that are poured over lively rock influenced country music. Breaking into the country-rock music scene in 2016, Marc Daniels debuted his full-length album, The Starting Line. Produced by Tom Chandler, the album pays homage to Marc’s past experiences while growing up in rural America and is comprised of soulful vocals, blazing guitar melodies and heavy basslines. The nine-song collection includes roof-raising anthems such as “Redheads” and “Summer Song,” along with chilling romantic tunes like, “Bring Me Back To You.” The entirety of the album reveals Marc Daniels’ well-rounded artistry as well as, his musical and emotional depth that he infuses into his songs.


With his debut single, “Redheads,” Marc continues to shake-up the country-rock scene his deep soulful vocals, natural storytelling and alluring music videos. His second single and new sensation, “Summer Song,” begins with a roaring bassline and a twangy guitar pedal. With his deep baritone, Marc recounts the rich flashbacks of summer nights that start with road trips and bonfires. He embraces the seasonal memories that will continuously live on and remain with us forever.


Marc Daniels started his music career in the rural surroundings of Spokane, WA where he grew up in a family of very talented singers and musicians. Understanding the importance and value of music, Marc was enrolled in piano lessons in elementary school which he proceeded to take through high school.  Marc drew much of his inspiration from bands ranging in various rock and country genres such as Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks.


It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. On the road, Marc toured through many premier venues nationwide such as The Viper Room (Los Angeles), El Corazon, Studio 7 (Seattle) and Maggie McGarries (San Francisco), to name a few. Daniels also performed in a slew of notable venues in his hometown Spokane such as, Knitting Factory, Riverfront Park, Washington State University, Spokane Convention Center and more! Through many years of performance, Marc refined his songwriting, showmanship and picked up the guitar through various original bands and solo projects, most notably the song “See Your Face” from his first solo EP The Side of Me, which was featured in the comedy film, “Road Hard.”


In the fall of 2015, Marc decided to change the direction of his music style and originate back to his roots to create a heavily influenced country-rock album. Marc entered the studio to write a driving, high energy nine-song collection that reminisced of his summers growing up back home on the lakes of Northern Idaho and weekends playing gigs on flatbed trucks at bonfire college parties at WSU. Now Marc Daniels continues the next chapter of his music career in Northern California with the release of The Starting Line – a montage to all the great memories of those carefree years back home.

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