Margot Carrera Nature Photography & Design



Fine art nature photography and nature inspired gifts for the home and office, and beautiful scarves and clothing accessories for women.

Margot Carrera Artist Statement: I became a photographer by way of my deep abiding love for nature. I translate that love into my photographs of stunning landscapes, colorful flowers, and majestic wildlife. The difference between my work and a thousand other snapshots out there, is the depth at which I am able to see the fullness of its beauty. I capture the way the light makes a tree come alive or a flower glow.  I try to capture the personality of the animal or insect that I am photographing and coordinate all that into a composition that will evoke an emotion in the viewer. After the photograph is taken, I go back into my studio and work with digital enhancements.  As amazing as technology has improved with cameras, sometimes the photo doesn’t appear to me as it did in true life or as I envisioned it as I took the picture.  I may take a full day to get one image just the way I want it to look.  The final outcome is a marriage between mother nature and my creative expression. See

Margot Carrera Nature Photography, Gift Boutique and Design Shop is filled with nature photography and gifts for the home and office decor.  I use my photography to inspire my merchandise designs such as pillows, gift cards, even women’s clothing including scarves.  It is a great place to shop for a unique gift designed or nature lovers like me.  Don’t forget to gift yourself as well! Come and take a look inside, choose something beautiful and then wrap yourself up in nature.  Visit



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