Mark Thiessen: Extreme Wildfire


Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics, and the Extraordinary Science of Fire!


Big Blend Radio interview with renowned National Geographic photographer and wildfire expert Mark Thiessen.

Renowned National Geographic photographer and wildfire expert Mark Thiessen brings the reader right into the flames with Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics and the Extraordinary Science of Fire (ages 8-12). Featuring Thiessen’s adrenaline-filled first-person narrative and breathtaking photographs, readers can almost feel the impending heat and experience what it’s like to work side-by-side with the heroes who keep the world’s forests and their inhabitants safe.

In one moment, there’s a simple spark, and then roaring flames surge 200 feet into the air, devouring forests. Trees, from root to canopy, are burned to the ground. Airtankers and helicopters hover above, executing an air attack. Brave firefighters, equipped with flame resistant suits, leap from helicopters onto the treetops and descend to the blazing forest floor.

In this book, young readers will learn about the ecological impacts of wildfires, the ins and outs of fire science including tactics for prevention and containment, cutting-edge technology used to track wildfires and predict fire behavior, and about the impressive skill, survival tactics, and bravery required to control a wildfire.

Extreme Wildfire has practical advice for novices to handle fires including: How to prepare, what to do while a fire is happening, and what to do after it happens; how to reduce your home’s risk of going up in flames if you live in a region vulnerable to fires; and how to survive if you can’t escape a fire.



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