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BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: South Florida artists Carl Stoveland and Shannon Torrence, aka Flying Tortuga Brothers, discuss their art careers, and upcoming National Parks Arts Foundation artist residency where they will spend the month of September 2020 living and working off-grid, on Loggerhead Key in Dry Tortugas National Park. Listen to the podcast on,,, or hear the whole show on

Carl Stoveland is a photographer and multimedia artist living and working in Lake Worth, Florida. Since moving to Florida three years ago Carl has jumped into life in Lake Worth with both feet. He can be seen either participating in or photographing the many events around the city. Carl is working on a portrait project around the city called “I Am Lake Worth” and spent 2019 photographing people around downtown and asking them what makes lake worth special. The project has produced two exhibits featuring 70 Lake Worthians and continues to this day. It has also spawned a podcast asking the subjects to expand on the statement, “Lake Worth is special because…”  Carl grew up in NY near the Catskill Mountains and found his passion for photography hiking along the many trails and streams near his home. His Dad spent his entire career working in photo labs and his mom is an oil painter and watercolorist. So the apple did not fall far from the tree in this case. Carl’s current passion is for using landscape photography along with video and soundscapes to show the beauty of our environment and work to protect it for the future.

Shannon Torrence is a Florida native. He was born in Jacksonville, in 1967 to a machinist father, working the shipyards, and an accountant mother. Creative from childhood and with moderate encouragement he began a life long journey of making art. He is primarily self-taught. However, major opportunities to learn his craft came from working in the art galleries of Palm Beach upon moving to the area in 1989, after being discharged from the Navy. In addition to the knowledge gleaned by being so close, to so many different eras and genres of work, he became a house painter on the island of Palm Beach, becoming a decorative finisher and eventually a contractor. He learned many things from the artisans of a bygone era, it still informs his work. So this has been his education, driven by a thirst for knowledge.  Shannon is now a painter of landscapes and has just recently begun a series of social commentary works, mostly charged with environmental awareness imagery. He currently lives in Lake Worth Florida where he works from my studio, and on location. He sells his work via Instagram at Tidal Croft Studio and in person, at markets and on locations, with a human touch.

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Dry Tortugas National Park is located almost 70 miles (113 km) west of Key West. The 100 square mile park is mostly open water with seven small islands. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, the park is known the world over as the home of magnificent Fort Jefferson, picturesque blue waters, superlative coral reefs and marine life, and the vast assortment of birdlife that frequent the area. Visitors enjoy camping, snorkeling, bird watching, fishing or just enjoying a view from the top of massive Fort Jefferson. Fort Jefferson is the largest all-masonry fort in the United States, built between 1846 and 1875 to protect the nation’s gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. More at

National Parks Arts Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 charitable foundation. The AIR Program is made possible through the philanthropic support of donors of all sorts ranging from corporate sponsors, small business, and art patrons and friends groups of the Parks. More at

National Parks Arts Foundation

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The AIR Program is made possible through the philanthropic support of donors of all sorts ranging from corporate sponsors, small business, and art patrons and friends groups of the Parks.

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