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BIG BLEND RADIO: Mike Guardia, an internationally-recognized author, military historian, and US Army veteran, discusses his book “Days of Fury: Ghost Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting.”  Showcasing the frontline heroes of America’s greatest tank battle, “Days of Fury” is a riveting true story of tank warfare in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Podbean or SoundCloud.


Commanded by Captain Joseph Sartiano, Ghost Troop was among the lead elements of the US VII Corps’ advance into Iraq. On February 26, 1991, Ghost Troop encountered a brigade-sized element of the Tawakalna Division— the elite frontline forces of Iraq’s Republican Guard. Although significantly outnumbered and outgunned, Ghost Troop won a decisive victory with minimal losses to their own ranks. History would call it the Battle of 73 Easting.

Based on hours of interviews and archival research by author Mike Guardia, this minute-by-minute rendition of the battle reveals an intimate, no-holds-barred account of modern warfare…as told by the men who lived it. “Days of Fury” is their story. More at www.MikeGuardia.com

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About the Author:

Mike Guardia is an internationally-recognized author, military historian, and US Army veteran.

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