Mike Guardia: Tomcat Fury: A Combat History of the F-14



On this episode of Big Blend Radio, military historian and award-winning author Mike Guardia discusses his new book “Tomcat Fury: A Combat History of the F-14.”

From the Gulf of Sidra to the skies over Afghanistan. The complete combat history of the F-14 Tomcat…as told by the pilots who flew it.

For more than three decades, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat was the US Navy’s premier carrier-based, multi-role fighter jet. From its harrowing combat missions over Libya to its appearance on the silver screen in movies like Top Gun and Executive Decision, the F-14 has become an icon of American air power.

Now, for the first time in a single volume, Tomcat Fury explores the illustrious combat history of the F-14: from the Gulf of Sidra…to the Iran-Iraq War…to the skies over Afghanistan in the Global War on Terror.

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About the Author:

Mike Guardia is an internationally-recognized and award-winning author and military historian. A veteran of the United States Army, he served six years on active duty (2008-2014) as an Armor Officer.

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