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Chihsuan Yang returns to Big Blend Radio’s “Toast to the Parks & Arts” Show with the National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) to talk about her new solo music and EP “Pearls” that was recently released as the electronic music duo ESCP with Bob Garrett. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.



ESCP is a duo consisting of Chihsuan Yang and Bob Garrett. Together they weave a rich soundscape to engage their audience. Refusing to be confined by professional stigmas or the constructs of composition. ESCP’s sound fuses various mediums of technology, instrumentation, and improvisations while exploring the impact of music as a soundtrack to our lives.

“Pearls” is a compilation of compositions that express and embrace feelings of loss, growth, tragedy, courage, and aspiration for the future. “Pearls” took way longer to make than expected. Because the last few years have been one of humanity’s most turbulent and challenging times. Just when the world started to open, in late 2021, Chihsuan was in a near-fatal car accident rendering her unable to play music for quite a while. Consequently, carrying two 9-inch scars on her body is a constant reminder of how life cannot be taken for granted. It is a daily reminder that this life is worth fighting for and that pain has a significant meaning. The sense of uncertainty and fear was also a motive for looking deep into oneself and finding what is authentic and original. This album is a reflection of that journey. Making “Pearls” was healing in many ways. The duo has the utmost mutual respect as artists and challenge each other’s artistic expression and creative choices. One of ESCP’s missions is to represent hopes for the future, bring people together from all cultures, and never lose integrity as musical ambassadors in this honorable calling.


Chihsuan Yang (Violin, Erhu, Piano), a native of Taiwan, began studying music at a very early age. Today, her renowned skill and eclectic versatility with the violin, erhu, and piano can be heard throughout the globe. From playing with Yo-Yo Ma and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, to Grammy Award winner David Foster and playing for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Chihsuan’s body of work spans across a multitude of genres and reaches beyond borders.


We first met Grammy nominated and award-winning musician Chihsuan Yang in 2021 when she was finishing her month-long NPAF artist residency in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. She will be returning to perform in Hawai’i in winter 2024. You can hear our first interview with Chihsuan on


Learn more about the National Parks Arts Foundation’s artist residency opportunities in national parks at

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