National Geographic Kids: Famous Fails!


Mighty Mistakes, Mega Mishaps, & How a Mess Can Lead to Success!


Becky Baines, Executive Editor at National Geographic Kids’ Books, talks about their new children’s book written by Crispin Boyer, “Famous Fails!: Mighty Mistakes, Mega Mishaps & How a Mess Can Lead to Success” on Big Blend Radio.

Written by Crispin Boyer, this fun book of quirky failures and famous flops will keep kids laughing while they learn the importance of messing up in order to get it right.  Science, architecture, technology, entertainment — there are epic fails and hilarious goof-ups from every important field. Silly side features help to analyze the failures: “Lesson Learned,” “It Could be Worse!,” “Losing Combinations,” and a “Fail Scale” help readers navigate the different kinds and scopes of the mistakes made. Read to learn what went wrong, what went right, and what kids can learn from each failed attempt.

Listen to our Big Blend Radio interview with Becky Baines, an executive editor at National Geographic Kids’ Books. “Famous Fails” is her favorite new series from NGK because it makes her feel better to know that even Einstein didn’t always get good grades. But it’s also made her realize that without failure, you can’t have success. After all, as Benjamin Franklin once said “I haven’t failed 10,000 times, I’ve simply found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work.” And that’s her motto in life. When she’s not trying to invent things or master a new sport like bobsledding, Becky lives in Arlington, Virginia with her dog Bob Barker, who has never won anything in his life.





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