Nature and Outdoor Fun in Natchitoches, Louisiana




BIG BLEND RADIO: From nature walks and hiking to kayaking and boating, this episode focuses on nature, outdoor, and summer fun in Natchitoches, Louisiana with Arlene Gould and Kelli West of Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau, as well as Richard Johnson of the Caroline Dorman “Briarwood” Preserve. Have fun with the jigsaw puzzle below while you listen to the interview here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean or SoundCloud.


Natchitoches is the original French Colony and oldest city in Louisiana. This vibrant destination in northwest Louisiana’s “No Man’s Land” region is part of the El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historical Trail, home to Cane River Creole National Historical Park, the Cane River National Heritage Area, Melrose Plantation, Kisatchie National Forest, the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest Louisiana History Museum, and much more. Visit

Located near Natchitoches, Briarwood is the birthplace and home of Caroline Dorman, a world renowned naturalist, author, artist, and the first woman to be hired by the US Forest Service. This beautiful preserve continues the work she started by preserving wildflowers native to the south, and educating the public on how natural forest ecosystems work. Along with high school and college students studying horticulture, people from all over the world visit Briarwood to enjoy the birds and wildflower meadows, forest trails, Louisiana iris bog, and ancient longleaf pine “Grandpappy.” More:

Jigsaw Puzzle Tips: Use the full screen icon to make it easier. Use your mouse roller or arrow keys to rotate the puzzle pieces and click and drag to put the pieces in place. Use the Image Icon to see the picture and the Ghost Icon to set your workspace. Photo is the wildflower meadow in the Caroline Dorman “Briarwood” Nature Preserve.  


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