No Drama Mama! A Full-Flavored Mama Gizzi Pasta Experience


A Full-Flavored Mama Gizzi Pasta Experience
By Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid


This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” Show features Leah “Mama” Gizzi and John Storch, owners of Mama Gizzi Pasta in Lake Worth, Florida. Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Spreaker, PodBean, or SoundCloud.


It was a beautiful fall day in Lake Worth when we paid a visit to John and Leah’s home where we got the full “Mama Gizzi” treatment. While sipping wine out in their lush garden, we were regaled with wild and funny stories that ran the gamut from Leah starting her culinary business to John’s rock ‘n roll life with The Cravens band, as we were served some of the most delectable and innovative Italian dishes. It was a fun, memorable, and delicious experience.

It all started with Bread Breaking. Mama Gizzi’s homemade Italian Herb Bread is made with Caputo and Semolina flours, and perfectly seasoned with fresh basil and parsley, and a sprinkle of nutmeg and garlic powder.

Next up was the whimsical Ravioli Lollipops! Served on a fork, these tasty treats feature Impastata Ricotta, Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Jack cheeses all wrapped and cooked in a fresh tomato and basil pasta dough.

  •  Bread Breaking
    Bread Breaking

Then it was time for Mama Gizzi’s Famous Meatballs. Moist and full of flavor, these ground turkey and beef meatballs are cooked with diced red onion and served on a bed of Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi, along with Mama’s signature Gravy.

And for dessert? We’re talking mouthwatering Ricotta Cannolis dipped in Belgian dark chocolate and sprinkled with Pistachios, delicate Chocolate Pizzelle Wafers, and heavenly Chocolate Mini Cupcakes laden with Ricotta Cheese Frosting.

Pasta is Amore! We were like grinning little kids when Leah sent us back home with leftovers and fresh pasta to cook and enjoy. Her pasta is not the run-of-the-mill dry stuff you get off a grocery shelf, this is the real deal, handcrafted, a culinary feat that’s made with love, care, and a little bit of spitfire – the essence of who Mama Gizzi is. Her food reminds us to stop, drop the daily drama of life, and simply savor the moment. Savor the kinship of friends and family. And of course, savor that flavor!

In operation since 2007, Mama Gizzi’s Pasta is known for offering the finest pasta and tastiest Italian meals and desserts to many of Palm Beach County’s finest restaurants and homes. Mama Gizzi’s superior, handcrafted pasta is made with only the finest ingredients. Home of the “No Drama Mama” Dinner Kit, Mama Gizzi is also a wholesale food supplier for restaurants and country clubs, as well as a catering business preparing everything from dessert platters to full meals for family events, and office parties, and holiday happenings large and small. Call 561-642-9996 or visit


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