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On this episode of Big Bend Radio, award-winning author Peter Noble Darrow discusses his book “Wise Millennial,” where he presents an even-keeled approach to helping his generation find meaning and purpose, accepting mistakes and learning from them along the way. 

They’re supposedly the “failure to launch” generation, content living at home, “influencing” on Instagram, and taking a parental handout. Millennials are compared to their Baby Boomer parents and the strong economic power of previous generations, criticized for generational immaturity and told they aren’t achieving the success of their parents because of an inability to buckle down and work hard for better personal and professional lives.

Many of the books written for or about Millennials seem to pander to these ideas about them—books instructing readers on how to learn “adulting” may amuse, but there is another side to the most criticized generation.  In “Wise Millennial,” Peter Noble Darrow asks Millennials to think deeply about their parents’ expectations for their lives and find their own paths, instead. Rather than aiming to reveal failings to grow up, or on the other hand,  defensively praising his peers, Darrow chooses to speak to this audience on a deeper level—the book points millennials toward growth from the inside out. Darrow presents an even-keeled approach to helping his generation find meaning and purpose, accepting mistakes and learning from them along the way.

In this insightful and personal debut, Peter shares much of his life story, blending anecdotes with the lessons they engender. Peter had a childhood that many would be envious of—he was born into privilege (both parents powerful business executives with tony backgrounds), attended the finest schools, and lived in luxury in the prestigious Upper East Side in New York City. Yet, in addition to the wealth of opportunity bestowed upon him, he has faced many challenges from his parent’s divorce to his father’s cancer diagnosis and eventual passing. In “Wise Millennial,” Peter shares that after “thousands of hours of therapy, introspection, and meditation, I finally began taking control of my life and creating my own opinions, most of which have evolved far beyond my family’s worldview.” This collection of honest stories of setbacks and successes will inspire the motivated millennial reader.

Peter N. Darrow is a Millennial, a native New Yorker, an entrepreneur, and an expert at learning from his mistakes. After earning an MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College in 2014, Peter founded Darrow’s Farm Fresh restaurant in Union Square in NYC. He is the current founder of Veggie Dust, first ever vegetable seasoning for kids. A health and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for helping people, Peter has already seen much in the way of success and failure, and speaks to the challenges facing his generation, and dispels myths about what it’s like to supposedly “have it all.” Find out more about Peter at


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