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This episode of Big Blend Radio’s Nature Connection show features Professor Alan Tratner who discusses the Plastic-Free Packaging Alliance. Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Podbean.

To protect the environment, the Plastic-Free Packaging Alliance (PFPA) has rolled out its mission to eliminate toxic packaging and promote eco-safe alternatives to the public with cooperation from industry leaders, local governments, influencers and celebrities. The non-profit plans to establish relationships at each level of the supply chain including the private and public sectors, which will support and incentivize a transition to plastic-free packaging. The group will identify alternative packaging option suppliers and innovators and help connect them with potential end users.

The PFPA is determined to educate and assist the industry to reduce the burden that plastic waste has put on the air, earth, water, and humankind.

“Humanity is waking up to the reality that everything we do as consumers leaves a footprint on our environment,” said David Sandoval, founder of the PFPA, “and there is no footprint greater than the toxic plastic waste used in consumer products.”

A growing number of people believe it is our responsibility to solve this problem now for future generations. Financial experts also believe that it is a tremendous financial and business opportunity for those who are bold enough to step into the future.

“We are looking to align Industry leaders, innovators, early adopters and of course informed consumers into an alliance for change,” continues Sandoval.

Since converting his consumer products company Purium to eco-friendly packaging, they have kept nearly 100 tons of plastic from entering the environment.

“The PFPA is a force for fostering and advancing the true, singular solution to the critical, global problems of manufacturing and consumer packaging wastes,” says Alan Tratner, co-founder of Earth Day and the pioneering Environmental Education Group, as well as Green2Gold Incubator and the National Transition Initiative.

Tratner continues, “The most remarkable Advantage of this solution is that Compostable Packaging is in harmony with the Earth’s Ecosystems; a seed creates a plant, the compostable packaging is created and after use the packaging is the bio host for creating more food and other plants–a beneficial closed cycle!”

The Plastic-Free Packaging Alliance will be promoting the cause of eliminating plastics through social media, traditional media, trade shows, and by inviting the public to eco fundraisers, which will include demonstrations and booths that showcase plastic-free initiatives.

It will align and co-promote initiatives with business and public organizations, including the American Sustainable Business Association, the SurfRider Foundation and Friends of the Earth.


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