Poet Lauren Martin: Night of the Hawk


This episode of Big Blend Radio features Lauren Martin who discusses her book, “Night of the Hawk: Poems” which is out now (May 2024) through She Writes Press. Watch the interview here in the YouTube player or download the episode on Podbean.

Ifá. Nature. Illness. Love. Loss. Misogyny. Aging. Africa. Our wounded planet.
In this sweeping yet intensely personal collection, Lauren Martin tells the untold stories of the marginalized, the abused, the ill, the disabled—the different. Inspired by her life’s experiences, including the isolation she has suffered as a result both of living with chronic illness and having devoted herself to a religion outside the mainstream, these poems explore with raw vulnerability and unflinching honesty what it is to live apart—even as one yearns for connection.

But “Night of the Hawk” is no lament; it is powerful, reverential, sometimes humorous, often defiant—“Oh heat me and fill me / I rise above lines”—and full of wisdom. Visceral and stirring, the poems in this collection touch on vastly disparate subjects but are ultimately unified in a singular quest: to inspire those who read them toward kindness, compassion, and questioning.

LAUREN MARTIN is a psychotherapist, poet, and a devoted Ìyânífá. She lives in Oakland, California. Lauren studied poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. She spent years writing without submitting her work due to a long shamanic journey, which led her to both Ifá, and to the writing of this collection of poems.
More at: https://www.laurenmartin.net/


 Night of the Hawk

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