Priest: Body Machine



ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Mercury, Swedish vocalist and co-founder of Priest, talks about their new album BODY MACHINE. Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Spreaker, PodBean, or SoundCloud.


PRIEST formed in 2017 after Mercury and Salt departed GHOST after a two-year run and started releasing their own unique brew of electronic music that bears little sonic resemblance to their former band yet still shares the same creative DNA. But whereas GHOST borrowed their theatrics from old school horror and ‘80s rock, PRIEST comes steeped in synth-pop, cyberpunk, and industrial music. 


Although the group has been putting out albums since 2017 (“New Flesh” in 2017, “Obey” in 2019, “Cyberhead” in 2020), “Body Machine” marks a significant departure, with a drastically darker mood yet still maintains the band’s penchant for strong hooks and melodies.


PRIEST, who describes its musical vision as a of blend of darkwave and industrial goth, also has a talent for creating catchy, melodic hooks, memorable synth riffs and heavy, throbbing rhythms in its music, which is very much in evidence on the ten tracks on “Body Machine.” Think of a darker, heavier Depeche Mode, a band who has been a big influence on Priest over the years.


PRIEST features in its lineup two former members of the hugely popular and Grammy Award-winning Swedish rock band GHOST – vocalist Mercury, who was known as Water when he played bass for Ghost, keyboardist Salt, formerly known as Ghost keyboardist Air, and programmer/ keyboardist Sulfur. Releasing through Cleopatra Records on July 15, 2022, “Body Machine” was produced by another Ghost alumni, Simon Söderberg (guitarist and producer/engineer of Ghost’s debut album Opus Eponymous).




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