Rayya Deeb: The Seneca Society



BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode of Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays show features guest co-host Marisa Hammerbeck of PortoVino Wine Purses, and Rayya Deeb, author of the young adult science fiction Seneca Society series who discusses both books including Seneca Rebel (Book 1), and Seneca Element (Book 2). Listen to the entire show with other guest segments on BlogTalkRadio.com, or listen/download just Rayya’s segment on Spreaker.com, YouTube.com, or SoundCloud.com.

Welcome to a near-future Earth, and travel down to The Seneca Society — a secret, techno-advanced, subterranean world where there is so much more going on than what’s below the surface. Yes, this is a classic adventure tale— fun to read and lose yourself in, like any great book. But then, let yourself go beyond the pages of the book.

You’ll move among the story’s characters; learn their secrets; watch them plot; help them solve puzzles; dabble in real, emerging technologies; sneak in back doors and go off-road across a series of digital platforms that will enhance your reading experience and take the Seneca quest to the next level.

Will you identify with Doro, the teenaged math whiz and computer coder who’s determined to put her supercharged skills to best use no matter who wants to stop her? Or with Dom, the biotech teen genius who discovers that The Seneca Society may not be the utopia he thought it was? Or with Timothy Reba, a high schooler gifted with hyper-intuition and a big heart? Head through this rabbit hole, let your senses and awareness be heightened, your curiosity be piqued and your desire to fight for an optimistic future boom through!

More at https://senecasociety.com/


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