Richard Shelton: An Englishman in Love in LA



ON BIG BLEND RADIO: British multi award-winning singer, actor, and entertainer, Richard Shelton discusses his new album ‘An Englishman in Love in LA.’ Watch here in the YouTube player or listen to the podcast on Spreaker, PodBean, or SoundCloud.

Featuring five original songs, three pop classics and eight celebrated jazz standards, ‘An Englishman in Love in LA’ is an extensive body of work inspired by Shelton’s decision to begin a new life in Los Angeles.

Shelton’s work is undoubtedly influenced by Frank Sinatra, with whom he has an uncanny award-winning dramatic relationship, having portrayed the icon on stages across the world in the critically acclaimed productions ‘Rat Pack Confidential’ in London’s West End, ‘Sinatra & Me’ and more recently, ‘Sinatra RAW’.

‘An Englishman in Love in LA’ was recorded at Capitol Studios, the iconic LA hot spot famous for producing some of Frank Sinatra’s greatest work, not to mention a whole host of other legendary artists. Teaming up with renowned producers Sean Hargreaves and Alex Frank, Shelton collaborated on arrangements which range from extensive orchestral works, to a core 10-piece all-star band which includes Chuck Berghofer, Frank Sinatra’s bass player and member of the legendary session musicians known as ‘The Wrecking Crew’, Mike Lang – legendary pianist who played at Sinatra’s Los Angeles retirement concert in 1971 and performed the theme to ‘The Way We Were’ with Barbra Streisand, Gregg Field, Sinatra’s drummer and multiple Grammy winning musician Wayne Bergeron, one of LA’s most sought after trumpet players.

‘An Englishman in Love in LA’ paints a heart-warming picture about pursuing one’s dreams. The album is proof that trusting your instincts can sometimes work wonders.


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