Rick Levy: The Limits, The Box Tops, High in the Mid-60s Memoir



BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Internationally known musician and music industry veteran Rick Levy discusses his music career and memoir “High in the Mid-’60s: How to Have a Fabulous Life in Music Without Being Famous.” Listen to the interview or download the podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com, Spreaker.com, YouTube.com, SoundCloud.com.

Formed in Allentown PA in late 1964, The Limits were by 1965 playing all over the Lehigh Valley at frat parties, teen clubs, school dances, and more. Chris, Rook, Beau Jones, Rick Levy, Irwing Goldberg, and Jack Shaffer honed their skills with constant gigs and rehearsals. The collection “Garage Nuggets ’65-’68” is a compilation of the early Limits recordings – live, in the studio, in rehearsal – capturing the band’s first attempts at songwriting while the collection “Songs About Girls” captures their later incarnation from 1979-1988. Both collections have been reissued on all digital music platforms courtesy of a licensing arrangement with Garage Masters, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.

Rick Levy went from being a member of The Limits to having a failed major label recording contract, to running an indie label, then going on to become one of the top managers and bandleaders in the ’60s genre. He spearheaded the band’s ‘80s revival, and continues to keep The Limits torch burning bright with gigs and special engagements all over the US delighting fans with their authenticity and love of early pop and rock.

Rick also penned “High in the Mid-’60s: How to Have a Fabulous Life in Music without Being Famous.” Out now through Crossroads Press, the book is part memoir, rock and roll everyman story, spiritual discovery, survival manual, and an anecdotal treasure chest of life on the road. Divided into chronological sections, starting with his childhood, Rick shows that one can have a successful career in the music industry and still avoid the chaos that often comes with fame.

One could say that this passion for music all started with Rick’s “Uncle” Elliot who presented him with the first Elvis Presley album, then not much later, a record player and tape recorder. Inspiration abounded, and Levy went on to work with notable pop rock artists, including the Herman’s Hermits, Tommy Roe, Freddy Cannon, Jay & the Techniques, The Tokens and Bo Diddley. He is currently the manager and guitarist with Memphis legends, The Box Tops.


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