Rob Ridgeway: The Tunesmith


Rob Ridgeway: The creator of the musical board game SPONTUNEOUS, Rob Ridgeway is Big Blend Radio’s “Tunesmith”, where he challenges guests to play a round of his song game that matches words to lyrics. Rob also has an inspiring story of being an inventor and an entrepreneur.

Rob was born and raised on a farm and ranch in central Montana, where he acquired numerous entrepreneurial skills and the work ethic to apply them. His undergraduate was earned at Montana State University where he majored in Agricultural Business & Economics with a minor in Animal Science.  Rob then pursued a Masters in Business Administration at Gonzaga University.

Following college, Rob returned to the family farm and ranch for less than a year before deciding to venture out into the business world.  He worked as a Commercial Loan Officer for two years and then spent the next four years working as a Sales Executive selling Business Insurance.  Rob soon realized that he was selling fear, and started to dream about how much more enjoyable it would be to sell fun.

During this time, a friend had mentioned taking a trip to the mountains, and another friend spontaneously burst into a tune, “Ain’t no mountain high enough!” Everyone laughed about how often they hear a word and a song pops into their head.  This was the moment where Rob conceived the idea to turn this common concept into a board game, thus giving birth to Spontuneous – The Song Game.

Although he’s been selling fun for the past seven years; it hasn’t been all fun and games.  Many challenges, and adversities stood in his way, including the various highs and lows that every entrepreneur faces.  Rob also had a major health scare when he had surgery to remove a golf ball sized brain tumor in March of 2015.  He has spoken in front of several thousands of people over the past seven years, sharing his battle scar stories and life lessons. Rob’s story has taken some unexpected turns that many would not recover from, but his burning desire to turn and idea into reality has kept him marching forward, and on path.

After living in Austin for 5 years, Rob now resides in Nashville where you can see him at various musical events, shows and festivals. Spontuneous sold out the past three Christmas Seasons and ranked at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list for Board Games.  Visit

Song Game -Spontuneous

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