Sam Llanas: Return of the Goya - Part 1



Sam Llanas, formerly of the BoDeans, talks with Big Blend Radio about his 13th studio album and fourth major solo effort, Return of the Goya – Part 1, that showcases his long love of classic country music.

These eleven works are a loving tribute to a style of music witnessing simple songs with strong melodies and harmonies that told stories resonating in the heart. Longtime fans will be reminded of two of his most beloved songs (“Looking for me Somewhere” from 1986 and “I’m in Trouble Again” from ’87).

A two-part conceptual effort, Llanas explains, “The title refers to my beloved guitar that was stolen in 1987.

I had acquired my Goya in 1984, and sometimes you get lucky and find a guitar that just feels right to you. When I found the Goya it became in essence my songwriting partner, so the loss of it was devastating. In 2016 I got an email from someone I didn’t know (a huge fan) and he told me that he knew of my plight and had tracked down the same model guitar (it was in pieces and needed a lot of TLC). By May of 2017 he had sent it to me. Once again the guitar immediately led me to about a dozen strong songs that all have been recorded for the Goya sessions.” Part Two of the collection is expected in June & will showcase more of his roots rock style that his fans have grown accustomed to hearing.”

Produced by lap steel & electric guitarist Sean Williamson and mastered by longtime collaborator Gary Tanin, the recording features many prominent Milwaukee musicians Llanas has worked with over recent years along with new faces, including bassist Matt Turner, drummer Kevin Dunphy, drummer Ryan Schiedermayer, and trombonist John Simons.

Sam Llanas’ Return of the Goya – Part 1 is available via Llanas Music and all popular digital formats. For more information visit

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