Sandra V. Feder: The Moon Inside


Author Sandra V. Feder Helps Children with their Fear of the Dark


Sandra V. Feder, author of the popular Daisy series of children’s books, chats with Big Blend Radio about her new illustrated picture book, THE MOON INSIDE.

Nearly all children go through a phase of being afraid of the dark. Fear of the dark often occurs for a specific age group of children, because the child is old enough to have an active imagination but not yet old enough to separate fantasy from reality. During winter, young children will be spending more of their awake hours in the dark, and like Ella in Sandra Feder’s The Moon Inside, this can be disconcerting for a child who is afraid of the dark, not to mention an exhausted parent who is trying to convince the same child that it’s time to turn off lights and go to sleep.

The Moon Inside, a beautifully illustrated picture book, gives children the tools to embrace the nighttime rather than fear it.  Parents who have adopted lengthy bedtime rituals to help soothe and settle their children will find The Moon Inside a helpful way to empower their children to begin to learn to soothe themselves, eventually finding beauty in the darkness.

Author of the popular Daisy series of children’s books, Sandra has learned that helping children embrace new parts of their worlds at a young age is important for their continued development.  She’s also a big believer in celebrating the natural creativity children have, so that the wonderful imaginations they possess when they are young can still be accessed when they are older and more afraid of final exams than the dark.


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